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"When accuracy counts...
do it with

Engraved on 2" x 4" Red/White plastic, rounded corners, side hole-punched.
Engraved on 3" x 6" Purple/White plastic, with adhesive backing.
Engraved on 1" x 3" White/Black plastic, side hole-punched.
Engraved on 1" x 3" Yellow/Black plastic, with adhesive backing.
Electrical tags are most often rotary engraved on one side only, using 1/16” 2-ply plastic or acrylic based materials. Text can be single or multi-lined, in sizes from 1” x 1” up to 8” x 10”. These tags/plates can have rounded corners, holes punched for mounting, or double-sided adhesive tape. Text and background colors are available in a multitude of contrasting colors, and in matte and satin finishes. There are also custom colors and styles available, such as wood grain and simulated metal.
          Beveled Edges
          Rounded Corners
          Hole Punching
          Adhesive Backing​​​
Finishing Options